Congressman Vern Buchanan

Representing the 16th District of Florida

Buchanan Named “Guardian of Seniors’ Rights”

May 10, 2018
Press Release

National Group Praises Buchanan Record

Protecting Social Security and Medicare Key Issue

WASHINGTON – Congressman Vern Buchanan has been presented the “Guardian of Seniors’ Rights” award by one of the nation’s leading non-partisan organizations dedicated to protecting senior citizens.

The 60 Plus Association, which has more than 7 million members nationwide, praised Buchanan for his record protecting Social Security and Medicare.

“The Guardian award is given to members in appreciation of their tireless efforts on behalf of senior citizens, as so many of our elderly struggle on a fixed income,” said 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin, who presented the award to Buchanan in the Congressman’s Washington office last week. “We also particularly appreciate the pro-senior efforts by Rep. Buchanan to assure the financial stability of Social Security and Medicare.”

Buchanan said he was honored to receive the award, and that he has no higher priority than making sure Social Security and Medicare remain strong for today’s seniors and future generations.

“These vitally important programs are two of the government’s greatest success stories,” Buchanan said. “We must never lose sight that seniors have worked their entire lives so they can retire with the dignity and the benefits they have earned.”

Buchanan, a senior member of the Social Security Subcommittee, introduced the Seniors Fraud Prevention Act, bipartisan legislation to crack down on scams and fraud targeting older Americans. Florida is a hotbed for these types of crimes, topping all states in the percentage of seniors 60 and over who are victimized. He also co-sponsored the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act signed into law this year protecting seniors unable to manage their financial affairs.

Sixty Plus national spokesman, singer/actor Pat Boone, said, “I’m still singing at concerts, but today I’m singing the praises of Rep. Vern Buchanan. Seniors can depend on Vern Buchanan.”