Florida's 16th Congressional District Fire and Rescue EMS Awards

Congressman Vern Buchanan established the Fire and Rescue EMS Awards in 2010 to give special recognition to the first responders who have provided distinguished service to his constituents. Every year Congressman Buchanan hosts an award ceremony honoring the winners that were selected by an independent committee comprised of a cross section of current and retired fire and EMS personnel living in the district. 

ELIGIBILITY: All Fire Rescue personnel and EMS personnel, full and part time, including local, county, state and federal fire and rescue and EMS departments who live and work within the 16th district are eligible for nomination. You can verify this information by using the "Find Your Representative" service.  Nominations may be made for exceptional achievement in any fire and rescue and EMS endeavor, including extraordinary valor, investigative work, community service, search and rescue, fire prevention and training programs.   Citizens and other public safety personnel are also eligible to receive awards in special circumstances. Each nomination shall have occurred within the 2022 calendar year.  There is no limitation as to how many nominations can be made by any one agency.  

ENDORSEMENT: Nominations must have a signed endorsement from a citizen, the nominee’s department or co-worker, city or town official, or a member of a government agency.  

SUBMISSIONS: The deadline to submit nominations is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 18th, 2023. You can submit your nominations online at https://buchanan.house.gov/awards-nomination-form

There are no formal applications or specified format required for submissions.  It is recommended that nominations include a statement of specific circumstances involving distinguished performance, supplemented by supporting documents such as departmental citations, letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings or personal observance.  Those submitting nominations should include their work, home, and cell phone numbers and email addresses for contact purposes. 

For any questions about Congressman Buchanan’s Fire and Rescue EMS Awards, please contact Deputy District Director Chloe Conboy at Chloe.Conboy@mail.house.gov


Associate Service Award: This award is for law enforcement personnel and civilians who have come to the assistance of fire and rescue personnel and EMS personnel in the course of their duties, at times putting their own lives in harm’s way. Their actions are deserving of recognition by the fire and rescue and EMS community. 

Unit Citation Award: The Unit Citation Award is for noble actions that involve a group of fire and rescue personnel or EMS personnel in dangerous situations.  A fire and rescue team, EMS team, individual station actions or department in general. 
Career Service Award: This award is for fire and rescue personnel and EMS personnel who have demonstrated exceptional loyalty and enthusiasm throughout his or her career.

Dedication and Professionalism: This award is designed to honor fire and rescue personnel and EMS personnel who exhibit professionalism and dedication on a daily basis, even in the direst of situations.  Recipients of this award are a positive influence on others and uphold the composure and concentration needed to perform all necessary tasks in a proficient manner.

Preservation of Life Award: To recognize one who takes spontaneous and immediate action in response to a life-threatening situation, illness or injury. 

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: This award is for fire and rescue personnel or EMS personnel who put their lives in harm’s way to help others.  It is understood that this is always part of any fire and rescue personnel and EMS personnel duties but there are times when heroism and sacrifice in extreme circumstances need to be recognized.  It should be noted that this award can be given posthumously   to fire and rescue personnel and EMS personnel, but also to those who have survived such encounters.  

Winners:  The winners will be notified by the office of Congressman Buchanan and an awards ceremony will be held during which the winners will receive a Congressional certificate and be entered in the Congressional Record.