Assistance with Federal Agencies

As a Member of Congress, one of my most important responsibilities is to help constituents interact with the many agencies and offices of the federal government to solve certain problems.
For federal agency assistance and casework, please contact one of my constituent service representatives in my Lakewood Ranch office (941-951-6643) or my Brandon office (813-657-1013).
Although I cannot force an agency to expedite your case or act in your favor, my office can sometimes help facilitate the processes involved or encourage an agency to give your case consideration.
If you need my office’s assistance with a federal agency, you will need to fill out a  Privacy Act Release Form. The letter must be signed by the person directly affected. Once we have the release, we can begin to work on your case. Although I cannot guarantee a particular outcome, my staff and I will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response regarding your problem.

Areas of Assistance

My staff can help with matters involving government agencies and programs, including:
  • military awards and commendations
  • veterans' benefits
  • Social Security and Medicare benefits
  • immigration matters
  • federal worker injury compensation
  • small-business concerns
  • tax matters and Internal Revenue Service
  • HUD housing
  • student loans
  • military academy applications
Please note: My office is unable to offer legal advice or recommend an attorney. The rules of the House do not allow me to intervene in or influence the outcome of cases that are under the jurisdiction of any court.

Agencies We Can Assist You With