Congressman Vern Buchanan

Representing the 16th District of Florida

Buchanan Applauds Action to Support Israel

Jul 30, 2019
Press Release
Three Bills Buchanan Co-Sponsored Pass U.S. House. BDS Movement a Threat to Jewish State

WASHINGTON — Congressman Vern Buchanan today applauded passage of three bills he co-sponsored in support of Israel, including one denouncing the insidious BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against the Jewish State.  

“As Israel continues to confront threats to its very existence, it is important now more than ever to maintain our unwavering support,” Buchanan said. “When it comes to combatting threats like Iran’s nuclear development and promoting terrorism, there is no daylight between America and its greatest ally in the Middle East.”

The U.S. House passed the following three measures last week:

  1. The United States-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act (H.R. 1837) seeks to expand U.S.-Israel partnership through increased security assistance and the authorization of immediate transfers of military equipment if Israel is under military attack. The legislation also increases economic cooperation between the two countries by authorizing programs for shared work on energy, agriculture and health projects.
  2. A bipartisan resolution (H.Res. 246) opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, a discriminatory effort to isolate and delegitimize Israel.
  3. The Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act (H.R. 1850) authorizes sanctions on those that support Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), U.S.-designated terrorist groups. These groups have conducted hundreds of attacks on Israelis and have killed numerous Americans.

“With anti-Semitism on the rise both here and around the world, we need to do all we can to support our ally,” Buchanan continued. “It is shocking that some members of Congress are pushing for the anti-Israel BDS movement.”  

Fifteen members of Congress have co-sponsored a resolution supporting the BDS movement, comparing their crusade to delegitimize Israel with the boycotts of Nazi Germany before the Holocaust.

Israel also faces increased threats from Iran, which recently announced that it willfully violated the 2015 nuclear arms deal. Iran has also vowed to increase its enrichment to weapons-grade levels. Buchanan voted against the nuclear arms agreement in 2015 and has called it “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.”

Buchanan has met with pro-Israel groups and Jewish leaders on several occasions this year to discuss issues important to the Jewish state. In May, he denounced terrorists in Gaza firing hundreds of rockets into Israel.

Last year, Buchanan addressed a group of Sarasota and Manatee Jewish leaders, stating that America must continue to stand with the only democracy in the Middle East in the shared fight against radical Islamic terrorists. Sarasota AIPAC leader David Chaifetz of Sarasota, has praised Buchanan’s record on Israel, stating “There has not been a greater defender of Israel in the U.S. Congress than Vern Buchanan.”