Congressman Vern Buchanan

Representing the 16th District of Florida

Key Vote Record

Buchanan's Record on Major Votes in the 112th Congress:


H Res 22 – Reducing funding for Congressional office expenses by 5%

As families across America have been tightening their belts and making the tough decisions to live within their means, it’s time for Congress to do the same. I was proud to vote to cut all House office budgets by 5%.


HR 2 – Repealing the health care law

I voted to repeal the overreaching health care law passed in 2010 that will expand government control of health care and unfortunately does nothing to bring down the cost of health care. We need to start over on health care reform, and focus on common-sense solutions to make affordable, quality health care available to every American.


HR 4 – Rescinded the 1099 provision for small businesses

I was a strong supporter of  this legislation to eliminate the onerous 1099 reporting requirement on small business mandated by the new health care law. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating 70% of all new jobs.  We need to help small businesses expand so that they can create more jobs. I was proud to vote for this bill.


HR 1 – Full year appropriations bill that cuts $100 billion in federal spending

It is time we get America back on the path to fiscal responsibility, which is why I voted to support this legislation that cuts $100 billion from federal spending. This was a great first step to cutting wasteful government spending, but we need to do more as our nation’s debt is now more than $14 trillion.


HR 910 – Prevents the EPA implementing cap and trade regulations

I voted for this legislation because the EPA’s regulations will burden Americans with even higher energy costs. The EPA’s attempts to circumvent the legislative process went too far this year when the EPA tried to implement cap and trade—a policy soundly rejected by the American people just two years ago.